Guideline NT8 12'9" #8/9 4pc

Guideline NT8 12'9" #8/9 4pc

Guideline NT8 12'9" #8/9 4pc

NT8 rods are identified by a remarkable recovery kick in a rod that is Medium/Fast and loads deep and precise, generating increasing amounts of power as you ask for it. While still maintaining impressive lifting power for sinking lines, this deeper, yet fast type of action will work for a wide range of casts, lines and casting styles. These rods have not only tested as the strongest rods we have ever produced, but they are also the lightest, making them a joy to use along rivers and coastlines during long, intense fishing days.

We have opted for two versatile, light and strong 9’ rods in line weight 7 & 8, aimed at saltwater fishing and fishing for large trout and salmon in rivers or lakes. We also introduce two new light and strong Switch models in 11’9 #7/8 and 8/9. Given the length, these rods are best suited for light double-handed work, but because of the light swing weight, they can also be managed as a long single hander. The double handed models are based on our most popular sizes; 12’9 #8/9 – 13’9 #9/10 and 14’9 #10/11 with the addition of a 15’9 #10/11 rod suited for large rivers, long distance casts and huge fish.

All our NT8 rods, including the Fario models, use an ultra-elastic IM8-46T Low Resin Material which makes it possible to create feather-light blanks with a crisp feeling that greatly improves sensitivity. Together with this, we use a carbon-scrim material with a proprietary BIAS Cross Construction structure. This produces a lightning-fast recovery speed, increases the casting distance and improves the compression strength. This construction also excels in one other way.. You will definitely be amazed at the ability these rods have to fight and overpower fish with little force. High-strength Nano-resin graphite improves the toughness and increases durability in the rods. Casting and fish-fighting cause countless amounts of flexing and unloading of the blank, the Nano-material prevents damage due to external shocks, internal stresses or fatigue. The material properties implemented into our NT8 blanks can be described with these simple words; DURABILITY, LOW WEIGHT and CRISPNESS.

  • Grips are in highest quality Portuguese Super Grade cork with rubber-cork reinforced edges.
  • Carbon Gray blanks in semi-matte satin finish.
  • Lightweight Titanium coated single leg guides.
  • Fuji KW stripper guide.
  • Aluminum reel seat components with a carbon spacer that simulates the molecular pattern of the nano-reinforced graphite material in the rods.
  • NT8 rods are delivered with a lightweight, cushioned air-mesh bag in strong and light Polycarbonate tubes.

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NT8 Nano-resin has a silica-based MATRIX. Conventional CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) has a tube-oriented structure, where individual molecules have high physical properties. But when these are applied into the prepreg (pre-impregnated composite fibers) used to make sports- and leisure-products, they show irregularities. Some are strong and some are fragile. They mostly also have an unfavorable length to width ratio (15:1), which makes it difficult to fill empty space effectively in the resin and between carbon fibers. Our SILICA Nano MATRIX contains spherical nanoparticles that penetrate evenly between carbon fibers, increasing the cohesion of the carbon fiber to achieve remarkable strength.

Making a strong blank while making it extremely light is the ultimate goal of the fishing rod development. But in a standard manufacturing process, a rod runs the risk of breaking too easily if it is light and with thin walls. It also often becomes too heavy if it is built to be strong enough. The properties and the performance in our NT8 rods are difficult to imitate by ordinary manufacturers as we use the best available materials together with the best available manufacturing- and reinforcement-technologies to achieve an ideal structure in the blanks. Nearly half of the resin content in our NT8 rods is made up of Nano-Spheres, which is an excellent insurance for a state of the art product.


ModelLenghtClassWeightPartsRec. head weight
NT8:4 1298912'9"#8/9201g430-33g / 465-510 grains
NT8:4 13991013'9"#9/10228g434-37g / 525-570 grains
NT8:4 149101114'9"#10/11259g441-44g / 630-680 grain
NT8:4 159101115'9"#10/11271g441-44g / 630-680 grain
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